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For Sale By Owner Program


Thinking of selling on your own? Let me help!

  1. Free 1 Year Home Warranty!
    Offer a free 1 year home warranty to potential buyers - at no cost to you! Home warranties are great marketing tools, and will make a buyer feel safe and protected buying your home.
  2. Free For Sale Sign
    An attractive sign that markets your home and free one year home warranty.
  3. Free Professionally Designed Brochure
    Image is everything. Let me design a brochure for you that you can use when selling your home.
  4. My Help
    Help with legally required forms:
    Ohio Property Disclosure
    Lead Based Paint Pamphlet
    Generic Purchase Agreement

  5. Help with setting up your home inspection and referrals to the most trusted title companies and lenders.

I respect that you want to try to sell your home on your own.

Let me help you by offering to pay for a home warranty while you list your home for sale by owner for six weeks. During this time, I'll check on you to see how things are going and assist in any way I can.

During the FSBO period, I will check on you to see how things are going for you, and to assist in any way I can. I'll provide a sign, professionally designed brochure, and free internet listings to help. Additionally, I will also provide a free sign indicating the house will be covered by a 1-year home warranty.

If you sell it during this time, GREAT! Congratulations! I will pay for your 1-year home warranty. If, at the end of the time, your home is still on the market, I will work closely with you to list it, and will still throw in the home warranty for free!

At the beginning of our agreement, I will have you pre-sign a listing agreement to begin at the end of the six week period. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using my completely free program for up to six weeks!

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